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Killa' G.
You are nothing short of my everything . 😘 (Taken with Instagram)

I wish you really did love me the way I love you . I wish you would realize what you have right in front of you . Cause I really don’t want to walk away , but I have to do what I have to do .

ah ! 

Went to San Francisco with poop . Good day 👫💏😘❤🌆🚉 (Taken with instagram)



When we get angry with each other , instead of fighting , we wrestle. Lolol I love this big head 😍😁💩💪♿ (Taken with instagram)

My brother mad “special” rice crispy treats. (; Hmu if you want some  (Taken with instagram)

@nicole73n 💔💗😢💗💔 (Taken with instagram)

Dear Imani Lawson , I know we kinda faded but I miss you a lot & today made me realize what I’m missing . I’ve lost so many people in my life I never woulda thought you would be one too , so please come back , your missed a loot ! K , I love you bootymuncherr ! @nicole73n  (Taken with instagram)